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Tutoring for elementary school students

Language barriers can often be a big problem for children in elementary school, which then creates difficulties in various subjects. So that these children do not fall into reserve when they start school, we want to support them with targeted tutoring. The tutoring is aimed at children from the first to the fourth grade and should cover all subjects of the elementary school as far as possible. The offer takes place in one-to-one supervision, in the afternoons on site in the school social work rooms in Prohlis. More details will be agreed individually with the tutor.

If you can imagine working with children of this age group and would like to try out your skills in this area, we look forward to hearing from you. The allocation of tutoring students takes place in consultation with the school social workers on site. We need an extended certificate of good conduct from you, for which you will receive a letter from us which enables you to apply for it free of charge. You can register here, we will then discuss everything else with you personally.