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Textbook “Mein Deutschheft”

Our German classes in first reception centers have their own rules: the participants change constantly, many of whom just arrived in Germany. They stay in the centers for some weeks or months, before they are relocated to their own flat, a transitional reception center or a WG. This makes it difficult to organize continuous classes.

For this purpose, we've developed a textbook with 11 chapters, that can be taught independently. No prior knowledge is necessary, so new participants can join the classes at any point.

The textbook is free of charge and can be copied and freely distributed. Still, to develop further editions and new content and to be able to provide the textbook to refugees free of charge, we are depending on donations. We would therefore like to ask you to make a contribution if you like the textbook and/ or are using it regurlarly:

Account holder: Studentenstiftung Dresden
IBAN: DE75 850 800 00 0143 0130 23
Purpose: IDA Dresden (Deutschheft)
(If you leave us you contact details, we can send you a contribution receipt.)

You can also download the textbook here:

Mein Deutschheft (in colour)
Mein Deutschheft (black/ white)

If you have ideas or feedback, just let us know.