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With our Buddy-Program we support refugees with their individual concerns. Every refugee Buddy get's a local Buddy, who is willing to help. Whether it's taking up studies, getting to know the TU Dresden or the city, searching for a language tandem, helping with visits to the authorities, or something completely different, we are looking for ways to provide targeted support.

You are students, old or new residents and want to support refugees?
To register click here.

How much time you are able and willing to spend is entirely up to you, as well as the concerns in which you would like to provide support. Simply mark the respective fields in the registration form. If we have a request, we will contact you by e-mail. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via mail at

You came as a refugee to Dresden and looking for support or help with specific questions and concerns?
To register click here.

Register and we try to help you with the help of our volunteers. Feel free to tell us, where exactly you need help, so that we can find a fitting Buddy for you.
After your registration we will contact you via mail as soon as we found someone suitable.

Coordination: Jennifer Christ