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ABC-tables and German classes for refugees

IDA coordinates activities that enable refugees to get to know the German language, especially in places where no other German courses are provided, such as preliminary reception centers and transitional reception institutions.

The teachers get the possibility to observe courses prior to their first lesson, as well as to receive further training. We’re making sure that very ABC-table is overseen by at least two teachers so that they can support each other. Every student can join us as a teacher, regardless of their field of study. The IDA coordination group is ready to help, if support is needed.

What are ABC-tables?
The term ‘ABC-table’ is not used uniformly. For IDA, ABC-tables are open spaces, where all residents of a reception center can learn German. This is why the ABC-tables are normally set up in common rooms. IDA is providing teaching and writing material to motivate the learners to practice German and to encourage a mutual exchange between teachers and learners. The speed of the lessons and the topics are determined by teachers and learners together, depending on the interests and the language skills of the learner. Teachers and learners can also work with their own materials, since the ABC-tables are not just there to learn the alphabet, vocabulary or grammar, but they are also a space for open exchange and communication.

Teachers wanted!
We are currently searching for teachers for the facilities in:

  • Hamburger Straße (appointments can be arranged flexible)
  • Bremer Straße (appointments can be arranged flexible)
  • Louisenstraße 44: always on Tuesdays at 18:30-20:00 O'clock
  • Katharinenstraße 9: always on Wednesdays at 19:00-20:30 O'clock
  • auf dem Campus im SE1-127: always on Mondays at 18:30-20:00 O'clock (from 5th of November)

If you are interested in teaching in one of those facilities, please contact us, using the contact form or write an email to, indicating the facility that you would like to work at.