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As all of you know, the Corono-virus is spreading rapidly.
To reduce the risk of infection for you and those around you, we decided to stop running several IDA-projects.
This means, for an indefinite period of time, we have to cancel
- homework assistences in Louisenstraße, K9 and at TU Dresden
- german class in Hamburger Straße
- international cooking evenings.

As soon as we are planning to start these projects again, we will let you know!
Until then, stay healthy!

This year, IDA is one of the finalists of the "Welcome"- prize of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The BMBF awards this prize to outstanding student initiatives of the DAAD-"Welcome"- programme that funds IDAs activities. Among 50 applicants, we have now been chosen as one of the top three initiatives in Germany.

The prize is targeted at initiatives that can serve as a model for the support of refugees and international students. Although we still don't know, whether we'll come in first, second or third at the awarding ceremony in Berlin on July 5th, we are very happy to be nominated. Keep your fingers crossed for us, we'll keep you posted.

PS: This nomination would not be possible without your support and engagement! Therefore we want to thank everyone, who has supported us and made our activities work. Dear helpers, supporters and volunteers: YOU ARE GREAT!