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After a far too long period of time, the ABC-table at "Schwarzes Schaf e.V." in Louisenstraße 44 can start again.
On the upcoming tuesday, 01.09.2020, we are looking forward to meet again for the first time from 19:00 to 20:30!.
Please bring a face mask and something to drink for yourself.
Of course homework tasks and questions of each kind are welcome as well.

Even tough the Tolerade through Dresden can not take place on 16.5., we will not be silent!
On this day many organizations, crews and artist from and around Dresden will put together a radio program, which couldn't be more varied. ColoRadio offered us their station for that day. From 2 pm on you can listen to nice tunes and interessting speeches.
We will entertain you from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm together with "WillkommeninJohannstadt e.V"., "Montagscafé", "WirsindPaten", "Startwithafriend" and "SächsischenFlüchtingsrat e.V.". Our common theme is flight and asylum.

Hope you join us on saturday!

In the middle of the Corona crisis the new project "Berufstandem" of the "AG Ausbildung und Arbeit" of initiative "Willkommen in Löbtau e.V." started.
It supports mirgants with a specific professional aim and sufficient German knowledge in building a professional network and in finding a job or a trainee position in and around Dresden.

At the moment, the projekt is looking for migrants, who came to Germany within the past 5 years ("Berufs-Explorer") and experienced professionals ("Berufs-Scout"), who are willing to become a Berufstandem for 6 months.

Are you interessted? Visit  for more information.