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Tasks and objectives

IDA is a student initiative, supported by staff members oft he TU Dresden. IDA aims at coordinating assistance projects by student volunteers for refugees, as well as contributing to the development of structures that enable the successful integration of refugees and intercultural exchange between refugees and students. To achieve these goals, IDA cooperates with other initiatives and organizations in this field. Having emerged from a group of student volunteers organizing language courses and ABC-tables in preliminary reception centers on campus from September 2015 - April 2016, IDA now covers three main fields of work.

  1. Organization of offers to learn German
  • IDA is organizing offers for refugees to get to know German language and culture, where other structures (e.g. integration courses) are not offering courses, such as preliminary reception or transition centers
  • IDA organizes structures where volunteers (students and non-students) teach basics of German language and intercultural skills to refugees in various forms (ABC-tables, basic courses)
  1. Language classes by refugees for students
  • Intercultural exchange is an important part of a successful and respectful coexistence of all nations in the region
  • IDA therefore organizes a space for intercultural exchange in the form of language classes, conducted by refugees to teach interested Germans about their culture of origin and the basics of their mother tongues (Arab, Persian)
  1. Partnership programme for refugee students
  • IDA is coordinating a network of volunteer student sponsors that support refugees in various matters
  • German students are helping refugee students, seeking for a way to study in Dresden, ideally according to their respective field of study. This help can be administrative as well as technical.
  • IDA is building a network of refugees, eligible to study in Dresden and the region
  • The partnership between students and refugees might also include non-student refugees

Through these three fields of work IDA is working within the university context on three levels: it offers refugees help with integration, it offers students specific possibilities to get active and, regarding university life, it offers students the possibility to gain intercultural competences that might be reflected in their study curricula.

Organizational structure
IDAs activities are organized by seven student coordinators and one non-student coordinator. Thanks to the support of the Studentenstiftung Dresden and the DAAD, these coordinators are employed as student assistants (SHK). From September 2015 to April 2016, app. 100 volunteer were acting as teachers in IDAs activities.

The current members of the coordination team are: Simon Brandt, Steffen Brill, Victoria Gulde, Franziska Jaster, Christine Mantu, Moritz Montenegro and Lucas Paeth
Associated members: Paulina Bukieda, Torsten König, Katja Ullmann

IDA is recognized as a student group by the student council (StuRa) of the TU Dresden.