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Tasks and aims

IDA is a student initiative, supported by staff members of the TU Dresden, founded in 2015. At the beginning IDA mainly organized and coordinated German classes for refugees in reception centers on TU Dresden's Campus.
Today IDA's agenda includes the coordination and mediation of different offers of help between students and refugees, as well as the inclusion of refugees and intercultural exchange.

According to that IDA, cooperating with several other organizations, works in 5 main fields to achieve these aims:

1. Organization and coordination of offers to learn German

  • IDA organizes offers to get to know the German language in various places in Dresden and on different levels of skills.
  • IDA coordinates student volunteers, who are willing to teach the basics of German language and cultural knowledge, in different forms of mediation (ABC-tables, basic courses,...).
  • IDA develops educational material, that - in particular - is used to teach the basics of German language in reception centers.
  • IDA organizes meetings for homework assistance, where refugees have an opportunity to get some help with the homework of their German courses and to gather some experiences in conversation.

2. Language classes by refugees for students and language tandem program

  • These language classes are given by refugees for students at TU Dresden. Students can learn their teacher's mother tongue and gather some knowledge about his*her culture in basic and advanced courses.
  • The courses conduce especially to intercultural exchange and the empowerment of the teaching refugees.
  • IDA coordinates the teachers and makes the arrangements with TU Dresden.
  • The language tandem program connects participants of IDA's language classes and those of DaF courses to build tandems to learn Arab, Persian or German.

3. Buddy-programme for refugee students

  • IDA coordinates a network of volunteer student sponsors that support refugees in various matters.
  • German students support refugee students, who study in Dresden or those who are willing to take up studies, with orienting at the university and the city. Thereby individual problems of refugees can be solved together.
  • IDA connects the local buddies with the refugee buddies

4. International cooking evening

  • Ones a month IDA organizes cooking evenings, where typical recipes from different countries are cooked together.
  • The cooking evenings support intercultural exchange and allow everyone to experience at least a small part of many different cultures.

5. Organization of an event series

  • IDA organizes events, dealing with topics like flight (and it's causes), mirgation and civic education, and supporting intercultural exchange.
    They are open for refugees as well as other interested parties.
  • These events take place irregularly - according to the current demands.

With these main fields of work IDA acts in three ways:

  • providing offers of inclusion for refugees
  • providing definite opportunities of voluntary commintment for students
  • providing opportunities for  students and refugees to gain intercultural competences

Organizational structure
IDAs activities are organized by seven student coordinators. Thanks to the support of the Studentenstiftung Dresden and the DAAD, these coordinators are employed as student assistants (SHK). Additionally IDA is supported by lots of volunteers.

The current members of the coordination team are: Nicole Hübner, Alice Busch, Pauline Schöning, Heike Buchantschenko, Jennifer Christ, Hossein Seyfi, Sasan Mehdipour.

IDA is recognized as a student group by the student council (StuRa) of the TU Dresden.