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Islam-lecture at Marwa El-Sherbini education center

On the 17.11.16 IDA was invited to the Marwa El-Sherbini-culture and education center (MKEZ), to learn about islam. Dr. Muhammed-Ronald Wellenreuther, who converted to islam over 20 years ago, spoke about the history and origins of islam and muslim live in the present time. We were able to learn about the daily live of muslims in Germany and wide spread misunderstandings of muslim culture and religion.

We thank Mr. Wellenreuther and the people of the MKEZ for welcoming us and taking so much time.

The Marwa El-Sherbini-culture and education center (MKEZ) was founded in 2009 in Dresden to offer muslims of different nationality a community point as well as advance integration and reduce prejudice against islam. The community has approximately 3000 members at the time.

For more information about the MKEZ visit:

Herr Wellenreuther spricht über den Islam
Mr. Wellenreuther speaks about islam.


Ein Mitglied rezitiert den Koran in arabischer Sprache.
A member reading from the Koran in arabic language.